Our Vision

Nikan moved into the flat above the local pizza shop shortly after the Eden Openshaw team moved in. He had relocated from Tehran to begin a journey of independence and a student visa was his ticket. I am not convinced Nikan was looking for a church when he followed a group of people into our […] Read More...


Our Vision

As I began to take steps of faith for myself and looked to count the cost of following Christ, I gathered with a couple of friends to seek God after college one evening. We didn’t hear the sound of a violent wind or witness tongues of fire resting on our heads, but we knew the […] Read More...


Our Vision

For once he was not arriving in a ‘sweatbox’ accompanied by G4S security staff but I’m sure that the drugs and SIM cards he was carrying between his butt cheeks added a new level of anxiety to his visit. It was neither Shaun’s unkempt appearance nor unforgettable face that drew the attention of the prison […] Read More...