‘I Love Sharing About What Jesus Has Done For Me’


Eden South Bank, Middlesbrough

It’s been just two months since Eden South Bank, Middlesbrough, was officially launched and already the team have seen God do amazing things in the lives of those in their community. Lives like Jane’s.

‘Life hasn’t always been easy. I had my first child at 15 years old. After that, I had a number of difficult relationships and myself and my kids didn’t get the support that we needed. After a few years in one particularly abusive relationship in South Bank, I managed to get away to a women’s refuge but was left feeling anxious, depressed and with very low self-esteem. I started using drugs and alcohol to cope. And as things spiralled, I ended up spending time in prison.

‘I’d always wanted to believe in God, but thought that I wasn’t good enough or worthy of his love. I felt consumed with guilt and shame, and so pushed away from anything that felt good. But one day, I met a Christian friend from the past who told me about Open Well at Tees Valley Community Church where I could go along for some food and hear about what Jesus had done in someone’s life. I decided to go and from the moment I walked through the door, I realised God was real and that he’d led me there.

‘That night, I invited Jesus into my life and everything changed.

‘My addictions have gone, I’m free from anxiety and am growing in confidence every day. Every week I come along to a women’s discipleship group where I’m learning more about God and how much he loves me. 

‘I’ve been coming along to church for a year now and in April, I joined the Eden South Bank team, serving the community I was once too afraid to live in. I love getting to know those in my neighbourhood and sharing about Jesus on the Alpha and discipleship courses run by the church and Eden team.

‘The biggest thing I’ve learnt is that Jesus accepts everyone just as they are. I used to think I needed to sort my life out before I came to him, but now I know that only Jesus can make things right and that he’s got a good plan and purpose for my life. I love sharing about what he’s done for me in my life.’