Daniel & Ian

Eden Sharston & Eden Parkfield & Oxbridge

Our Eden team in Sharston, Manchester, has hit the ground running sharing the love of Jesus in every opportunity.

They’ve recently launched an over 50s group – Never Too Old – where people can come along for community and to hear more about Jesus, and over 30 people already come each week. One of these is Daniel who was recently diagnosed with bowel cancer, and as he chatted to the Eden team, he asked them to pray that he would be healed. At his next hospital appointment, the doctors were amazed to find that Daniel’s cancer had completely gone! What an answer to prayer. Daniel is now spending more time chatting to the team, finding out more about Jesus.

And it’s not just in Sharston that we’re seeing God doing amazing things. One guy Eden Parkfield and Oxbridge (Stockton) have been getting to know is Ian. For the past 20 years, Ian has battled addiction and found himself in and out of rehab. When the team met him, he was having another tough time and felt like he had hit rock bottom.

As the team started spending time with Ian and telling him about how even when it feels like there is no hope, Jesus is there for us. As they got to know him better, they continued sharing the gospel with him and one day Ian decided he wanted the hope God offers for himself and gave his life to Jesus! Since then, he’s seen areas of his life turn around. He’s found and full-time job, reconciled with his family and his battles have eased. He’s also going from strength to strength in his faith, and on Easter Sunday Ian got baptised. What an amazing transformation God has done in his life.»

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